How to get

How to get to Yumbo Spa and Resort?

We are situated in the heart of the cloud forest far away from the commotion and pollution of the capital, but still within easy driving distance of 90 minutes. The road to Yumbo is a steep snaking motorway through picturesque forested mountains, which leads into quiet village lanes and country tracks as you near the resort.

Directions from Quito

1. From the Middle of the World take Calacalí - La Independencia highway.

2.  Drive 46 km (passing Nanegalito), and you will find a Yumbo sign alone with a Tulipe Museum sign, please make a right turn to Armenia village. This is the Pacto - Chontal road.

3.  From this point drive 12 km and you will find the Tulipe Archaelogical Museum. 1 km after the museum you will find a "Y" with another Yumbo sign that directs to make a right at the dirt road. Follow 5 km and you will pass the El Porvenir village. Soon after you will find the last sign of Yumbo that directs to make a left turn. 600 meters down you will reach the entrance.

Total distance: 66 km
Duration: 1h. 30 min.