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We try to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible, to do our part for the planet and to respect the beautiful cloud forest here at Yumbo.

The resort grounds cover 20 acres of land. The buildings have been designed in a compact space, whilst carefully preserving as much of the ancient forest as possible and maximising the use of cleared material. In order to protect as much of the original forest as possible, a large proportion of the estate has been kept in its pristine condition.

The drinking water at Yumbo is drawn from naturally filtered well springs on the property. Wherever practical, local food produce and materials are used, in order to reduce transportation impact and support the local economy.

We have a procedure for guests to reuse towels and sheets if they wish to support our environmental policy by helping to reduce detergent use.

We do not switch the outdoor Jacuzzi on automatically to reduce electricity consumption and we ask guests to inform us in the morning if they wish the heating to be turned on.

At Yumbo we use solar panels to complement electricity from the grid and make our power consumption greener.