When just a boy, Pedro Varela had a dream that one day he would make his home in the paradise of the cloud forest. During a long and successful career and bespoke metalwork design specialist in the USA, Pedro realised that he wanted to share the serenity of the cloud forest that he had come to love and call home.

Together with his wife Marie, who conceptualised and now manages the spa, Pedro using his engineering and architecture talent spent seven years designing and building Yumbo. A compact space was cleared in the forest for the resort, whilst carefully preserving as much of the ancient forest as possible and maximising the use of cleared material.

The resort is named after the indigenous tribe of the area and the beautiful and rare Yumbo bird which can sometimes be glimpsed in the trees here; this colourful bird has become the mascot of the resort. Yumbo provides a much-loved getaway for a strong following of regular guests from Quito and across Ecuador. Pedro and his team have personally welcomed many hundreds of travellers from all over the world.

A native Ecuadorian, Pedro is a keen believer in creating job opportunities for local people and improving the economy of the area as much as possible. Wherever practical, local food produce and materials are used, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the resort.