Eden of love

A special therapy to pamper yourself and fully indulge.



  • Relaxing therapy in hydromassage tub with essential oils.
  • Steam bath with a coffee and brown sugar body exfoliation.
  • Pharaonic bath, enjoy a romantic candelit atmosphere while taking a bath in hydromassage tub with chromotherapy, ingredients such as: milk, yogurt and honey will leave your skin soft and hydrated, bright and radiant, pamper yourselvs even more with chocolate and 2 glasses of sparkling wine to celebrate.
  • Bath in plunge pool (polar pool).
  • Relaxing massage with aromatherapy.
  • The final touch with a luminous facial.

$250 PER COUPLE  / 2h 30min.

Dream of love

A therapy to share with one another


  • Relaxing therapy in hydromassage tub with essential of your choice, (lavender, sandalwood, Ilang ilang).
  • Steam bath with coffee exfolation.
  • Bath in plunge pool (polar pool).
  • Bath in hydrojets bed
  • Relaxing massage with aromatherapy.

$99 PER PERSON / 90 min.

Divine chocolate temptation

To enjoy the fragance and sensation of a delicious combination: sugar, chocolate and honey.


  • Steam bath.
  • Body scrub with brown sugar, chocolate and honey cane.
  • Bath in plunge pool (polar pool).
  • Romantic therapy in Hydromassage tub with chromotherapy and Ilang Ilang aphrodisiac essential oil.
  • Relaxing massage with chocolate and cocoa cream.

$99 PER PERSON / 90 min.

Harmony and total renovation

Essences that you will can not forget.


  • Herbal therapy in Hydromassage tub with chromotherapy and essential oils.
  • Relaxing massage with aromatherapy.
  • Mini moisturizing facial with chocolate mask.

$75 PER PERSON / 80 min.