Sweet expecting

A therapy created especially to spoil the future mom.


A relaxing bath in chromotherapy bath tub with relaxing salts and essential oil. Gentle and delicate massage to free her from its tensions and accumulated fatigue. Consenting to the future mom.

$60 PER PERSON / 60min.

Baby sweet baby

A special therapy to pamper the little ones, massage with gentle touches of sweetness to achieve deep relaxation.

$20 PER BABY / 30min.

Hydrojets Bed

Enjoy a relaxing bath with pressure jets on our Hydrojets bed, which stimulate your body at the nervous and circulatory level.

$8 PER PERSON / 15min.

Steam bath with aromatic herbs

The heat of the steam helps eliminate toxins, relieves pain and combats stress. It is soothing and sedative, combined with a refreshing bath in our  plunge pool (polar pool) with water from natural springs.

$15 PER PERSON / 20min.

Chocolate Chocochip

A sweet symphony of chocolate and cocoa cream.